Max Holloway has issued a statement following last night’s loss to Alex Volkanovski at UFC 276 🥲 #UFC276 #MMA

2022-07-03 22:21:09

Incredible that USADA would do this before a massive fight. At the very least, wait for the guy to wake up. Makes n…

2022-07-03 22:21:56

Max Holloway reacts to #UFC276 loss, says Alexander Volkanovski is 'No. 1 pound-for-pound right now'

2022-07-03 22:18:22

The walkout was great but it’s not as great if UFC doesn’t lean all the way in. They did, and it made it so much be…

2022-07-03 22:19:56

Max Holloway reacts to UFC 276 loss, proclaims Alexander Volkanovski to be MMA’s top pound-for-pound fighter…

2022-07-03 22:20:25

RT @dannyseguratv: Volkanovski is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet right now. Unreal what he did last night.

2022-07-03 22:05:55

RT @btsportwwe: The mad scramble to make a @YaOnlyLivvOnce cash-in graphic was real 😂 A marquee night for Liv is broken down by @Rob_Arms_…

2022-07-03 22:08:29

Max Holloway acknowledged Alexander Volkanovski as the best fighter in the world after falling short in the trilogy…

2022-07-03 22:03:16

RT @Grabaka_Hitman: @JasonAmadi @lthomasnews here's an article from the Sonnen fight lead-up. Pretty good example of how many fans viewed S…

2022-07-03 21:59:14

[email protected] sends his congratulations to @alexvolkanovski after their battle at #UFC276

.@BlessedMMA sends his congratulations to @alexvolkanovski  after their battle at #UFC276
2022-07-03 21:59:18

Jessica Eye aims for pro wrestling after UFC 276 retirement: ‘I want to be female Undertaker’…

2022-07-03 22:00:09

Game recognize game.

2022-07-03 21:55:07

Bryan Barberena says UFC 276 win over Robbie Lawler was dream come true #UFC276

2022-07-03 21:55:17

RT @BloodyElbow: The Fine Art of Violence, Volume 3: MMA art and essay book preview (@RiniMMA)

2022-07-03 21:40:55

#UFC276 post-event facts: @AlexVolkanovski joins exclusive club with 12-0 UFC start (via @MikeBohn)

2022-07-03 21:36:50

[email protected] wants a piece of Poatan 🐺 #UFC276

2022-07-03 21:30:01

This argument swings too far the other way. The fans might take a Frye-Takayama, but it’s not true it’s all they’ll…

2022-07-03 21:22:47

RT @btsportwwe: "He can hang with anyone at this point. He's ready for this type of thing." "I think it was a great choice." @arielhelwan…

2022-07-03 21:20:28

Undefeated @IanGarryMMA promises you will eventually know him as "one of the best fighters MMA has ever seen."…

2022-07-03 21:20:42

There’s a desperate hunger out there for MMA to be real-life pro wrestling. I get the pressure on fighters to be pr…

2022-07-03 21:10:57