Usman vs Covington play by play

2019-12-15 06:21:05

Another hard left hand by Covington from that southpaw stance! Body shot drills Covington and he did not like that at all. #UFC245

2019-12-15 06:21:36

Also, worth noting re: Volkanovski, his head coach Joe Lopez at Freestyle Fighting Gym. That’s who he started with…

2019-12-15 06:04:24

New champ! Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski full fight video highlights from UFC 245 (@antontabuena)

2019-12-15 06:04:47

It's finally time. The grudge will be settled. Kamaru Usman (@USMAN84KG) and Colby Covington (@ColbyCovMMA) are abo…

2019-12-15 06:05:04

Here comes Colby Covington ... to the Kurt Angle theme again.

2019-12-15 06:06:01

Check out how the pros reacted to Alexander Volkanovski dethroning Max Holloway at UFC 245 👇🏼

2019-12-15 06:06:25

They said what?! Pros react to Alexander Volkanovski’s win over Max Holloway at #UFC245

2019-12-15 06:06:38

RT @TB_Money: They're doing the YOU SUCK chant! THANK YOU VEGAS! I'm dying laughing.

2019-12-15 06:07:03

VIDEO: Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski full fight video highlights #ufc245

2019-12-15 06:07:05

Vegas crowd not doing its part with the “you suck” chant, though

2019-12-15 06:07:08

New champ @AlexVolkanovski might have surprised some, but not those who followed his journey from the start, and he…

2019-12-15 06:07:12

RT @marc_raimondi: Kurt Angle’s music hits. Colby Covington is on his way to the Octagon. The main event has arrived. #UFC245

2019-12-15 06:07:22

This is it! The #UFC245 welterweight championship main event is finally here. 🇳🇬 Kamaru Usman vs 🇺🇸 Colby Covingto…

2019-12-15 06:07:22

All I want is a great title fight. We have had just so many not-entertaining UFC welterweight title bouts since Law…

2019-12-15 06:07:54

aaand NEW!!! Volkanovski made it, he dethroned the King! #UFC245

2019-12-15 06:08:22

RT @KENTSLEFTHOOK: @BloodyElbow I think colby has this one in the bag

2019-12-15 06:09:01

RT @Deadfrost99: @BloodyElbow Usman #AndStill

2019-12-15 06:09:04

RT @ShtaveLikesSoup: @BloodyElbow Kamarudeen Usman

2019-12-15 06:09:07

RT @WI_Pool_Player: @BloodyElbow I hope that loud mouth gets knocked out!

2019-12-15 06:09:08