"You can do anything if you're willing to fight for it, dog. For real." - Jamahal Hill. #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:13:37

RT @kammakaze: Glover Teixeira appreciation post. “Let's go, baby, F*king A.” #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:14:20

"Marc Goddar said, 'Keep fighting,' and I was like 'Goddamnit he is.'" - Jamahal Hill on how tough Glover Teixeira is. #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:14:35

"Tell everyone that's comin', you see where I'm at. Come get some." - Jamahal Hill #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:14:59

"I felt great this fight, I did everything right." - Glover Teixeira on his loss to Hill. #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:15:35

The emotions are sinking in for Jamahal Hill ahead of the official decision #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:10:25

"Anything is possible!" Jamahal Hill overcome with emotion after achieving his dream 🏆 #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:15:14

[email protected] is a f**king inspiration. Congrats @JamahalH 👏 #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:10:05

@gloverteixeira is an absolute savage #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:10:24

That performance by @JamahalH was beautiful.. well earned 🫡 #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:11:36

Brazil fans said, “I got something on the stove at home. I gotta run!” 🤣 #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:13:02


2023-01-22 06:06:07

How could you not be impressed with Jamahal’s complete game #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:06:11

Teixeira looking to pass to mount and he gets there! #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:06:17

RT @mma_kings: “Let’s go, baby. Fucking a.” - Glover Teixeira #UFC283

RT @mma_kings: “Let’s go, baby. Fucking a.” - Glover Teixeira #UFC283
2023-01-22 06:06:24

Hill sneaks out the back door as Teixeira postures up and then drives Texieira into the canvas to end up on top in half guard. #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:06:47

The kicks🦵🏽were killer! Jamahal Hill is the NEW @ufc Light Heavyweight Champion 🏆 This fight card was 🔥 #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:08:29

Back standing. Hill with a couple body kicks and slides away. 50-44 Jamahal Hill. @MMADecisions #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:09:11

. @JamahalH so happy for this man 🏆 #UFC283

2023-01-22 06:09:40

#UFC283: Teixeira vs. Hill post-fight press conference live stream

2023-01-22 06:10:06