"I honestly didn't want to give up my back." - Dustin Poirier on why he stayed grounded in round 2. #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:48:15

Who's next? 🏆 #UFC269

Who's next? 🏆 #UFC269
2021-12-12 05:48:17

"I brawled again when I wasn't supposed to." - Dustin Poirier #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:48:33

What to make of #UFC269? Let's talk about it now LIVE on our @morningkombat post-fight show:…

2021-12-12 05:48:55

#UFC269 results: Charles Oliveira (@CharlesDoBronxs) taps Dustin Poirier standing up to retain title

2021-12-12 05:49:11

This has been @TheZaneSimon on the call for BE Twitter and #UFC269. Check me on the 6th Round post-fight show, drop…

2021-12-12 05:49:52

RT @GilbertDurinho: Wow @CharlesDoBronxs is a monster! #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:45:26

Do Bronx does it again 👑 [ @CharlesDoBronxs | #UFC269 ]

Do Bronx does it again 👑  

[ @CharlesDoBronxs | #UFC269 ]
2021-12-12 05:48:26

#ANDSTILL!!! 🏆 Your LW king 𝑲𝑬𝑬𝑷𝑺 𝑯𝑰𝑺 𝑻𝑯𝑹𝑶𝑵𝑬! [ @CharlesDoBronxs | #UFC269 | B2YB @PedalCommander ]

2021-12-12 05:49:37

my picks were on fire tonight !! What do I win ? #UFC269

my picks were on fire tonight !! What do I win ? #UFC269
2021-12-12 05:45:39

Congrats to @CharlesDoBronxs on defending his title tonight! What a career turnaround 👏🏽 @ufc #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:46:04

What an awesome night of fights. Dogs came out to win! Congrats to all 👏🏼👏🏼#UFC269

2021-12-12 05:46:13

Great fight by @CharlesDoBronxs congrats! Awesome card @ufc ! I’ll see y’all next weekend! #UFC269 #UFCVegas45

2021-12-12 05:46:45

@beneildariush ’s so much better than all these lightweights @ufc #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:47:16

Congrats Champ and still!!!#UFC269

2021-12-12 05:47:25

Keep your head up @DustinPoirier You’re a Warrior in the cage and even a better person outside of it…..always a fan #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:48:24

Charles Oliveira is the most skilled man I ever fought. I talk shit when it’s due but I give credit when it’s due too. #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:48:45

Oliveira with the standing RNC and Poirier taps! 3rd round sub for the champ! #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:41:32

And STILL!!! 👏🏼 @CharlesDoBronxs #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:42:49

#UFC269 results: Charles Oliveira (@CharlesDoBronxs) def. Dustin Poirier via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round…

2021-12-12 05:43:43