Israel Adesanya on Paulo Costa: "He sucks trying to talk trash. I'm going to sleep that guy." #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:50:38

#UFC248 - #ADESANYAvsROMERO - The 6th Round SBN MMA Post-Fight Show - join @TheZaneSimon & @TheEddieMercado after t…

2020-03-08 08:53:58

Brian Ortega slaps 'Korean Zombie' translator Jay Park on arena floor during #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:44:06

Israel Adesanya: "It takes two to tango. I can't force a guy to fight ... that was really bizarre." #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:46:45

Yoel Romero: "Tonight, everybody loses. The whole night was just a waste" #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:26:44

Dana White is not happy! #UFC248 😬

2020-03-08 08:27:35

[email protected] just broke out the dance moves at the #UFC248 press conference to prove his legs are fine and says…

2020-03-08 08:29:38

Yoel Romero says Paulo Costa better prepare himself because Israel Adesanya is going to run, run, run. #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:29:45

Yoel Romero on his fight with Israel Adesanya: "I didn't feel frustrated. I felt ashamed for the fans" #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:15:05

Yoel Romero says after he hit Israel Adesanya the first time, he didn't want anything else after that. #UFC248

2020-03-08 08:20:23

Dana White says the next move for Zhang Weili could be fighting in Madison Square Garden in New York #UFC248

2020-03-08 07:39:56

WATCH: Paulo Costa is LIVE at the #UFC248 post-fight news conference.

2020-03-08 07:41:35


2020-03-08 07:46:31

Paulo Costa on how he scored the #UFC248 main event: "Nobody deserves to win but Romero put the most pressure"

2020-03-08 07:46:43

Yoel Romero reacts following loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 248! #UFC248 😳

2020-03-08 07:30:48

2020-03-08 07:31:34

RT @antontabuena: This is everything you need to know about #UFC248 in just six tweets!

2020-03-08 07:23:47

Dana White on Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk: "That's definitely a Hall of Fame fight. 100%" #UFC248

2020-03-08 07:26:10

How judges scored Zhang Weili's split decision win over Joanna Jedrzejczyk at #UFC248

2020-03-08 07:15:54

Dana White says Brian Ortega and "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung got into a fight in the crowd during #UFC248 on…

2020-03-08 07:17:01