Best shots from #2021PFL5!

2021-06-19 20:44:04

The world-class ground game of @zeferinomma was on full display! #2021PFL5 By The Numbers presented by @Acronis

2021-06-18 22:01:05

Magomed Magomedkerimov picking up where he left off! #2021PFL5 Finish of the Night presented by @PresidenteUSA

2021-06-18 16:00:02

"Big surprise!" - Gleison Tibau didn't know what to expect when the scores were read at #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 15:31:51

2021 PFL 5 video highlights: Welterweight, light heavyweight playoffs set #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 12:01:35

ICYMI: Gleison Tibau wins controversial split decision over Rory MacDonald at #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 10:45:00

Rory MacDonald wants an investigation in his "clear robbery" split decision loss to Gleison Tibau. #2021PFL5 | Ful…

2021-06-18 04:52:03

📸the best photos 📸from Rory MacDonald vs. Gleison Tibau #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 04:20:38

Rory MacDonald lashes out 'clear robbery' loss at #2021PFL5: 'This should be looked into'

2021-06-18 04:08:26

📸 Photos: Best of #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 03:49:47

WATCH: The #2021PFL5 press conference is LIVE! Tune in to hear reaction to Rory MacDonald's loss and more.

2021-06-18 03:41:07

Gleison Tibau pulled off a huge upset over Rory MacDonald at #2021PFL5 😮

2021-06-18 03:35:42

Twitter reacts to Rory MacDonald's stunning loss to Gleison Tibau #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 03:29:01

RT @JoseYoungs: 30-27 MacDonald. That decision was mental #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 03:23:19

Gleison Tibau defeated Rory MacDonald via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) at #2021PFL5 MacDonald already clin…

2021-06-18 03:24:12

Upset! Gleison Tibau edges Rory MacDonald by split decision for the shocking main event result. Full #2021PFL5 res…

2021-06-18 03:15:24

🇧🇷 Gleison Tibau pulls off the upset!! #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 03:18:07

#2021PFL5 results: Gleison Tibau def. Rory MacDonald via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

2021-06-18 03:15:00

The moment of truth for Tibau #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 03:07:37

Right before Rory made the walk... #2021PFL5

2021-06-18 03:07:57