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Let’s go https://t.co/RBkzYRWxmy

2023-03-24 01:12:16

RT @CounterStrike: Today we're excited to announce Counter-Strike 2. Counter-Strike 2 is an overhaul to every system, every piece of conten…

2023-03-22 17:43:48

RT @MMARLONMORAES: @combate @Massarandubamma @naldobenny E aí?? Entendeu @naldobenny vai rolar essa luta @Massarandubamma ??? @moicanoufc…

2023-03-21 00:49:12

🤑🔥🤑🔥🤑 https://t.co/R2VUoYCOdZ

2023-03-20 00:41:25

Colby should have take the fight against Bellal for the next title shoot in London!!! Doesn’t make any sense him as… https://t.co/GoWUS0MCtD

2023-03-18 22:16:43

Fook Venezuela they’re communist!!! #ufc

2023-03-18 20:11:55

Knockout was good but dude is boring as foook!!! #UFC286

2023-03-18 19:52:15

Wow… that was fast!!! #ufc286

2023-03-18 19:48:47

That was brutal!!! The guy think he was fighting against five guys after the knockout #ufc286

2023-03-18 19:49:44

How did he survive this ? #UFC286

2023-03-18 19:31:27