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Yan's defense there is no small accomplishment. It's VERY hard to survive when the skill differential is that wide.

2022-10-02 01:42:42

RT @aaronbronsteter: I have it 48-47 Yan Didn't see enough damage in either of Dern's two winning rounds, as dominant as they were, to ju…

2022-10-02 01:43:14

Judges: 48-47 48-47 47-47 Yan Xiaonan def. Mackenzie Dern via majority decision #UFCVegas61

2022-10-02 01:45:00

39-36 Yan on my scorecard. Dern needs a hail mary. Thing is, Dern is perfectly capable of one. Let's see.

2022-10-02 01:36:25

Dern's in mount with 4 mins left. Here we gooooo....

2022-10-02 01:38:20

Quite fortuitous Dern is in a 5-round fight as opposed to the standard 3.

2022-10-02 01:40:41

29-28 Yan https://t.co/XQulOtxujk

2022-10-02 01:32:45

Monster left hook wobbles Dern.

2022-10-02 01:27:38

Easier said than done, but the ability to catch a kick can often be a shortcut to getting a takedown for those with… https://t.co/aPCQPfQDQ7

2022-10-02 01:30:06

Dern is turning into something of a strawweight Maia. Maia had more traditional wrestling, but like him, she uses l… https://t.co/OvD4xVgSQc

2022-10-02 01:23:31