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2022-12-04 00:24:55

Jauregui is the genuine article. Still in development, but clearly has a promising future. https://t.co/S2171Bd8t9

2022-12-04 00:19:57

RT @janecoaston: My god

2022-12-03 22:47:41

RT @HeerJeet: Look you're running a ponzi scheme which also serves as a way for criminals to launder money. And that money disappears. And…

2022-12-03 21:18:58

RT @morningkombat: The James Krause punishment 🤯 #MorningKombat w/ @lthomasnews & @BCampbell is available here: https://t.co/XzLCgHA8Vh ht…

2022-12-03 18:01:35

Check out this takedown. Not just an ankle pick to body lock. Ruotolo gets just enough pull from the faked ankle pi… https://t.co/5tWgKv5ACd

2022-12-03 14:47:56

If you notice, Ruotolo pulls palm out and pulls Gabriel’s base apart. This not only does the aforementioned, but al… https://t.co/gJWy9H76lp

2022-12-03 14:50:01

Malykhin is a 🔨. One to watch outside of UFC. https://t.co/CPqeijT5Uj

2022-12-03 13:54:07

RT @ONEChampionship: A low blow from Murad Ramazanov leaves Roberto Soldic unable to continue and their bout has been ruled a no contest ❌…

2022-12-03 04:50:56

Alessio Sakara’s UFC debut against Ron Faircloth in 2005 went almost identically. Got drilled in the huevos and it… https://t.co/nJKng4teNL

2022-12-03 04:28:24