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RT @Beyond_Kick: Robin van Roosmalen has announced his retirement. After his tragic car accident earlier last year, the former two-divisio…

2022-08-12 16:20:59

Losing the ability to be ambulatory to own the libs. https://t.co/onIS5jaOkU

2022-08-12 16:15:24

Remember when people said MMA media was mean? https://t.co/H6cPPyyJzp

2022-08-12 16:11:00

RT @heynottheface: Simple way to test this. Give me permission to shop around Jones-Ngannou. If I can get them more than what the UFC is of…

2022-08-12 15:55:01

If you aren’t elderly and at any point during a flight use the headrest on the seat in front of you to stand or sit… https://t.co/3nnZYS0bEQ

2022-08-12 13:47:08

RT @DPSBreakdowns: Tariq Wilson & opp attack at same time, opp loses balance & Tariq pounces on the go behind, circles right, then shucks o…

2022-08-12 12:03:31

Barcelona’s financial plan: https://t.co/Ec2IFcmEPL https://t.co/dk5sjDHblH

2022-08-12 10:52:56

RT @AndrewDasNYT: Imagine thinking anyone understood a word of this. Imagine thinking it was a good way for a treasured, century-old club t…

2022-08-12 10:50:11

RT @pourmecoffee: Hole-in-one on 18 you get nuclear documents. Register at the prime rib carving station.

2022-08-12 00:25:54

Going live now! https://t.co/TahVaYzVMK

2022-08-11 19:01:08