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Not a doubt in my mind Melendez won this. https://t.co/BmyVepR297

2020-04-26 17:04:09

RT @mymodernmet: You can stream Shakespeare’s greatest plays for free on the Globe Theater’s YouTube. https://t.co/BPR5Gbiz6Z

2020-04-26 16:58:20

RT @BasedDongeezus: Dong Hyun Kim on Nate Diaz https://t.co/ePxhk7U0To

2020-04-26 12:39:19

RT @ukigoni: Incredible: Two condors hungrily peck at poodles from outside window of a high-rise apartment in Santiago de Chile https://t.c…

2020-04-26 03:55:31

Thor Bjornsson is attempting a 501kg deadlift next weekend, but in June Julius Maddox is going to attempt an 800lbs… https://t.co/DufXmUC44d

2020-04-26 01:52:40

Maddox SMOKED 744lbs in 2019, making him the existing record holder for all-time heaviest raw bench. Still, 800 is… https://t.co/hfXiUJKiod

2020-04-26 01:54:45

RT @wojespn: Beginning on May 1, the NBA is allowing teams to open their practice facilities to players in cities and states where local go…

2020-04-25 22:10:56

I spoke to Cory Sandhagen. He understands the professional goals Cejudo has. He also believes Cejudo-Cruz could be… https://t.co/VLOQvx5gh7

2020-04-25 16:56:28

For a fifth this year and third next draft. Seems like more could've been obtained had this process been resolved u… https://t.co/fYQgMOwikL

2020-04-25 16:44:11

RT @ggreenwald: “America’s factory farms are just as despicable as China’s wet markets, and just as problematic for public health.” Exactl…

2020-04-25 16:16:31