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Alright, #UFC249's broadcast is live. I'll keep Covid tweets to a minimum (promise!) and focus on the fights for th… https://t.co/ODMAjv91Ta

2020-05-09 22:05:56

Last tweet on this because nothing matters anymore, but here is the updated view of Binney, an epidemiologist. https://t.co/2Tf1jpZNd8

2020-05-09 04:19:59

UFC statement says two of his cornermen also have coronavirus. https://t.co/mlEwnRLeRo

2020-05-09 03:49:09

Viole says hi, Twitter. https://t.co/mi7FhoJlVM

2020-05-09 03:34:26

Here's a thread from an epidemiologist. You should read it. https://t.co/R0ZVK12zhN

2020-05-09 03:40:11

Hey, my daughter walked for the first time today. That's worth a smile. Quite a moment.

2020-05-09 03:24:09

What does it mean that Jacare was isolated? Did he have people with him? Did he do even light training with them i… https://t.co/sDW1WxO21H

2020-05-09 03:03:58

RT @B_S_Sibcy: Let's not forget that Jacare didnt even want to compete but agreed to so he wouldnt lose his home. #UFC249 https://t.co/Odnl…

2020-05-09 02:50:16

It is amusing people accepting claims in immediate reports at face value on this Jacare story. Everything about thi… https://t.co/2LSLQQL2dX

2020-05-09 02:55:00

The good news here is a screen caught someone positive. The question is how he got it and who else has he had cont… https://t.co/NELw97oimV

2020-05-09 02:29:42