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RT @jameslynch32: It took four hours to deliver final results in a country with compulsory voting for over 200 million people.

2022-10-03 00:51:38

RT @heynottheface: “the UFC has added arbitration clauses to its fighter contracts since the Endeavor purchase in 2016, although no specifi…

2022-10-02 22:33:01

Tomorrow on *IN-STUDIO* @morningkombat: * #UFCVEGAS61 reax: Yan title shot? Where Dern goes from here *… https://t.co/s4VjHEx2g7

2022-10-02 21:50:33

Nothing. Every year the changes are touted in the off season and every year they never materialize. Everything abou… https://t.co/kIkfc5FNiH

2022-10-02 21:07:02

Just those wealthy enough to fund their own pretentiousness. https://t.co/BPh8yNhZaf

2022-10-02 21:00:49

Obviously this is nothing even approximating the insanity we saw with Pico last night, but I did remember Ben Askre… https://t.co/ttdVvMMY5d

2022-10-02 20:24:26

Citation: https://t.co/2c8rQZtsWY

2022-10-02 20:26:44

RT @ESPNDeportes: Vini con el 1-0.⚽ Gol del brasileño con intención de centro. 🔥 https://t.co/QXYkhexYSA

2022-10-02 19:49:34

RT @BCampbell: The 17th annual People's Choice Podcast Awards took place Friday ... @MorningKombat has won BEST SPORTS PODCAST of 2022, ed…

2022-10-02 17:44:14

RT @morningkombat: Arman Tsarukyan vs Damir Ismagulov 🤯 #MorningKombat w/ @lthomasnews & @bcampbell is available here: https://t.co/2b1EXI…

2022-10-02 15:22:33