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RT @BlockassetHub: 3 new firepits are live on @blockassetco's Blaze platform 🔥 You can get a chance to win one of these amazing NFTs just…

2023-01-29 12:21:50

RT @Blockassetco: 📣 POATAN Returns: Pereira vs Adesanya April 8th. It's time to run it 🔙 Should $POATAN fan token trading be live for th…

2023-01-29 10:05:29

Yes frank https://t.co/0vg70rV4fw

Yes frank https://t.co/0vg70rV4fw
2023-01-28 20:57:28


2023-01-28 03:19:47

‘’cash or card?’’ Card please love. https://t.co/uEmYsjr7b9

‘’cash or card?’’

Card please love. https://t.co/uEmYsjr7b9
2023-01-27 18:13:41

Wow, just nearly vomited. Fuck that mate!!!! https://t.co/EVVe0a2kxH

2023-01-27 16:06:53

😆😆😆 https://t.co/3y8fSGYrAv

2023-01-27 08:26:02

Just landed in Dubai, come see me.

2023-01-27 04:25:27

RT @Blockassetco: A 3 piece and a soda in some fresh Blockasset gear. @GamebredFighter stays ready, who we baptizing next?? 😴 https://t.c…

2023-01-26 22:35:53

Everyone hands up if you’ve ever had a sandwich? https://t.co/j17Zq4Qhig

2023-01-26 15:29:37