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RT @shaunalshatti: A.J. McKee vs. Spike Carlyle was the best kind of absurd. Super intrigued to see what McKee can be at 155 pounds. Dude l…

2022-10-02 03:42:58

RT @BellatorMMA: 👀 @AJMcKee101 keeps pushing forward. #Bellator286 is LIVE on @SHOsports 👇 https://t.co/TbKTQ7lKsu https://t.co/e82dK3GjOD

2022-10-02 03:36:15

RT @sherdogdotcom: McKee eats an upkick and then closes out the round with ground-n-pound. 10-9 McKee; 19-19 going into the third #Bellator…

2022-10-02 03:37:35

RT @CharlieQuinnMMA: AJ McKee huge AYYYOOOO😭😭😭 #Bellator286 https://t.co/ZkCj0IYHQQ

2022-10-02 03:38:45

RT @SeanSheehanBA: Crazy round #Bellator286

2022-10-02 03:30:21

RT @marcraimondi: McKee vs. Carlyle is absolute madness. #Bellator286

2022-10-02 03:30:33

RT @TheBMartin: McKee has Carlyle's back ... now going for a choke #Bellator286

2022-10-02 03:32:52

RT @thecombatguy: OMG!!!!!! MCKEE VS CARLYLE IS CRAZY!! #Bellator286

2022-10-02 03:25:53

RT @KevinI: WOW, McKee and Carlyle are going 180 mph at the start #Bellator286

2022-10-02 03:26:09

Let’s go #TeamBodyshop @ajmckee101 #Bellator286 heading to the @BellatorMMA cage now! Don’t miss one of the most ex… https://t.co/7SrWymjtza

2022-10-02 03:17:36