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RT @besomebodyblog: UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist, @HenryCejudo, on the mentality that's needed to be great during Episode 6 of The…

2020-04-21 17:25:37

Triple C “The Barbarian” My last three victims 🐀, 🐍, and 🐇. Can’t wait to add the brittle princess 👸.… https://t.co/k6WKVVEywj

2020-04-20 20:52:47

RT @Joestar93: @HenryCejudo Henry Cejudo's last three fights: Might Mouse- one of the P4P goats Dillishaw- Bantam champ juiced with EPO Mor…

2020-04-20 07:54:06

RT @zachdorame21: This Monday 4/20, my Instagram Live show “DREAMERS” airs at 5pm with my first guest 2019 MMA Coach of the Year, Eric “Cap…

2020-04-20 07:38:42

What’s going to be more embarrassing is when you lose to a flyweight you overgrown midget! This ain’t Hugby!… https://t.co/nQ2mpdtcdM

2020-04-19 05:49:02

You just keep up with that great losing streak and I might just pick you. Cody Garbage 🗑 https://t.co/dscyH7vPfx

2020-04-15 17:31:23

The only man in human history to not be given a nickname but to earn the name Triple C. Olympic Champion • flyweigh… https://t.co/Lp8cMXDPzV

2020-04-14 21:20:17

RT @AmishMma69: @HenryCejudo @Cody_Nolove Henry you have such nice hair

2020-04-14 07:04:18

Just a little reminder Cody “no Chin” Garbage. I kill the killers! 🔪 💀 #bendtheknee @Cody_Nolove https://t.co/HD6A7Mtrut

2020-04-14 06:42:12

I like how I make you and Gillian crush all over me. @danawhite let me take down both these turds on the same night… https://t.co/IjiAo233Jw

2020-04-14 06:12:06