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Favorite DIRTSHEET. https://t.co/25EBoNm1Dm

2023-01-27 20:03:06

A Message for Slap Fighting, Luke Rockhold Is Back, and Betting the House on Conor McGregor Apple Podcasts: … https://t.co/4956y4ho9y

2023-01-27 16:12:37

Those guys have made a number of decisions that are good for Iowa followed by good for Spencer. It is always in tha… https://t.co/fNm9vSfuQU

2023-01-25 22:00:45

All I have to do is get to a Walgreens and purchase an American Express gift card for $500.

2023-01-25 21:30:07

That is, apparently my contribution towards the taxes, what publishers clearing house will take care of the rest.

2023-01-25 21:30:23

Once he gave me all the identifying number and the pertinent information so that I can contact him to settle up, he didn’t call back.

2023-01-25 21:30:51

He wanted to confirm the color of the automobile that I was receiving.

2023-01-25 21:31:07

I got to tell you, a follow up call works, and all sales including scams and I thought it was a nice touch.

2023-01-25 21:31:24

So I just got a call from Peter. He works with publishers clearinghouse and he was letting me know that I just won… https://t.co/fwYfZ55OEb

2023-01-25 21:29:48

Hermiston is coming to town and they are looking for a duel. 7pm WEST LINN HS, tonight.

2023-01-25 15:48:18