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If my exact words of “Pedro won the first round” made you think that I was implying he lost it, that makes you a bi… https://t.co/eIo6sasFUl

2022-07-04 00:45:27

Never used that word, dirty move by you. https://t.co/EGfabzZfdd

2022-07-04 00:38:15

UFC 276 Reaction: Defending Israel Adesanya, Pereira Sets up Historic Fight, and What’s Volkanovski’s Ceiling? App… https://t.co/s2RrZFA4zt

2022-07-03 23:30:39

Will Khabib agree to fight Oliveira if he beats Islam Makhachev? https://t.co/yiGxLVW0Da

2022-07-03 20:54:59

That is not a fair depiction. Picking against the guy does not show disrespect to him. https://t.co/wuqrpsDT6k

2022-07-03 04:39:02

THIS makes ME the "LINEAR CHAMP" https://t.co/xc79gg3fAJ

2022-07-01 21:02:43

Cheated but did not have the courage to use a needle. Disappointing.

2022-07-01 20:51:02

UFC 276 Preview: Official Predictions and the Fight That No One’s Talking About Apple Podcasts: … https://t.co/604gvHXSbd

2022-07-01 20:42:25

It’s on video. Anybody who thought a confession was a gotcha moment is NERD. Like if he said “no I didn’t” while yo… https://t.co/bkzsog7bx2

2022-07-01 20:44:17

His medals go back to the DEVIL he SOLD his SOUL to https://t.co/zbUXItH0RQ

2022-07-01 20:38:08