Ciryl Gane



Tai BAM BAM Tuivasa


If Whitaker could protect his lead leg against style bender and work on his wrestling entries he could become the m…

2022-09-03 21:47:48

Where can I get one of those bead necklaces ?

2022-09-03 21:48:06

Will we be seeing a show filled with beer or not 👟🍺 #ufc #UFCParis @UFCEurope

2022-09-03 21:48:18

Now that's an great entrance🤣 #UFCParis

2022-09-03 21:48:21

Asking for my girl

2022-09-03 21:48:33

Rootin for Tai but got his work cut out for him… this walkout song is tight tho 😂 #UFCParis

2022-09-03 21:49:37

Congratulation @robwhittakermma, beautiful work. 🔥🙏⚡️

2022-09-03 21:49:55

Can’t beat that hometown walk out. Goosebumps 😆

2022-09-03 21:50:40

If Tuivasa wins I’m doing a shoey on ig live

2022-09-03 21:52:23

Gane looks like a giant thierry Henry that can fight really well

2022-09-03 21:53:02

History being made right now #ufc #UFCParis #letgo #Heavyweight

2022-09-03 21:53:03

Ok maybe Nicholas Anelka

2022-09-03 21:53:55

Interesting styles in the main event. If it goes to decision, that favors Cyril, but anything early favors Tai #ufcparis

2022-09-03 21:55:00

RT @MMAFighting: 'Durinho' got jokes 😅 #UFCParis

RT @MMAFighting: 'Durinho' got jokes 😅 #UFCParis
2022-09-03 21:55:26

When you dink em you sink em!! @bambamtuivasa #UFCParis

2022-09-03 21:56:36

Here we go short or no shoey!!!#UFCParis

2022-09-03 21:57:27

Do we see another shoey after the fight? #UFCParis

2022-09-03 21:59:10

Bam bam is controlling the octagon but Gane is making him miss is shots #ufc #UFCParis #historybeingmade

2022-09-03 22:03:15

Smart opening round from gane. Tai getting closer with the bombs towards the end of the round, and ganes chin right up in the air

2022-09-03 22:03:28

Look how russian organizations are cowards !

2022-09-03 22:05:55