jack hermansson



Sean Strickland


Last round... Winner takes it all! #UFCVegas47 @ufc

2022-02-06 02:16:29

I suck at basketball. Wanna play a game of SKATE @dc_mma?

2022-02-06 02:16:51

CLACKAMAS IS IN OREGON @BrendanFitzTV!!!!!!!!!

2022-02-06 02:20:07

Great win for Maximov. Very mature for a 24y old. Impressive kid. #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:22:46

30-27?? #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:25:45

I've got 🃏 for this one. @ufc #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:31:13

Hahaha Buffer v Joker

2022-02-06 02:38:36

This should be a fun one! I’m predicting a lot talking and a lot of face-punching! #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:38:50

I’ve been looking forward to watching Strickland. Dude is just an absolute savage. Almost not human. Utterly must see TV. #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:40:59

Also worth mentioning. Very happy to hear @felderpaul back on the mic...been too long. #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:42:53

Calculated shell shown by the savage that is Strickland. Mainly a negotiative jab to keep in Jack’s face to set the…

2022-02-06 02:45:39

We get so caught up in the highlights of the trash talking and savagery that we forget that Strickland starts so ca…

2022-02-06 02:50:22

Jack isn’t looking very comfortable, much less confident .... #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 02:50:52

Seems like I have blessed 🃏 with the uncle @ChaelSonnen course... #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 03:05:34

Way too conservative for my liking...I need SS to go full Chainsaw Massacre the last minute at least #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 03:06:38

My man @bisping talking about SS footwork...eff the footwork...we want carnage #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 03:07:14

Then he starts yelling the last 12 seconds #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 03:08:44

RT @nyknicks: RJ put on a show in the first half. 📊 24 PTS / 4 REB / 4 AST

2022-02-06 03:09:27

LMFAOOO!!! 😭😭 “I’m a POS with money!!” - Sean Strickland #UFCVegas47

2022-02-06 03:13:22