Marvin Vettori



Paulo Costa ( Borrachinha )


An now a Light Middle Heavyweight catch fight lmao 🤣 🤣🤣 #UFCVegas41 #MainEvent

2021-10-23 22:27:17

RT @peterqueally: My name all over a ring that Fedor was fighting in 🤯

2021-10-23 22:31:08

185 Marvin Vettori just took a fight with a top LHW on days notice . No one can ever question his heart . We will s…

2021-10-23 22:31:21

We just saw 4.4 speed outta costa

2021-10-23 22:32:13

This is about to be violent!!!#UFCVegas41 #MainEvent #LFG

2021-10-23 22:34:04

I think he’s lost his mind. We won’t see him again if he loses here. Looks like he’s struggling with the pressure.

2021-10-23 22:34:30

This better be crazy! Cuz they both acting crazy! #UFCVegas41

2021-10-23 22:36:23

Vettori looks shaken

2021-10-23 22:37:29

Eyebrows up Vettori is confident

2021-10-23 22:38:00

RT @Ringsideguy: Last night #JoshBarnett #Bloodsport7 presented by @GCWrestling_ in #LosAngeles @JoshLBarnett

RT @Ringsideguy: Last night #JoshBarnett #Bloodsport7 presented by @GCWrestling_ in #LosAngeles @JoshLBarnett
2021-10-23 22:38:16

Jason Herzog is absolutely one of the best in the game .

2021-10-23 22:38:17

Costa is tired after a min and a half!!!#UFCVegas41

2021-10-23 22:38:17

This isn’t even the same weight class!! Ridiculous! I’m feeling like Costa’s tank might not hold up outside of 1 RD…

2021-10-23 22:38:41

Vittori did the road work

2021-10-23 22:40:14


2021-10-23 22:40:39

RT @bodle1: Wednesday and @Ollertontown_fc double loss has killed me but I’ve just been showing @PaddyTheBaddy a few moves from my time at…

2021-10-23 22:41:05

Maybe it’s just that he just didn’t train as hard for this fight fellas? There’s literally no excuse for asking for…

2021-10-23 22:42:07

Entertainment round!! Vettori in 3!!!

2021-10-23 22:42:13

RT @LaMonicaMark: No longer “seeking mediocrity,” ⁦@CWadeMMA⁩ has shown this #PFLmma season that a determined Chris Wade is a dangerous Chr…

2021-10-23 22:42:14

Wouldn’t surprise me if Costa breaks Vettori’s arm with that kick

2021-10-23 22:44:10