Derek Brunson





Duško Todorović


That was a great finish! #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 21:45:25

Duško Todorović


Main event time! Who you got? #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 21:46:25

Megan Anderson


Aspinall is a part of the next generation of Heavyweights. His ceiling is incredibly high!! What w big W for him tonight #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 21:46:48

Aljamain Sterling


Frank Mir’s long lost cousin looked amazing tonight! Light on feet, and knows when to engage and drop the power sho…

2021-09-04 21:47:05

Alex Volkanovski


Damn Aspinall is good…really good!! #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 21:47:10



Aspinal is an animal. So quick for a HW. Future champ 💯 #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 21:47:20

Daniel Cormier


Tom Aspinall is the real deal

2021-09-04 21:48:40

Tatiana Suarez


Beautiful fight by Aspinall. 3-0 so far for the English fighters this weekend. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 It would have been amazing…

2021-09-04 21:50:23



Haha up in my feelings

2021-09-04 21:51:16

Dan Hardy


How’s everyone enjoying #UFCLondonVegas?

2021-09-04 21:55:13

Aljamain Sterling


RT @espnW: Naomi Osaka said she will be taking an indefinite break from tennis, and that the sport was no longer bringing her joy. https://…

2021-09-04 21:55:44

Aleksandar Rakic


Let's go @darrentill2 🦍 Go get it! @MTK_MMA

2021-09-04 22:00:47

Duško Todorović


Definitive FOTN potential in this main event! #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 22:01:32

Aljamain Sterling


If Brunson doesn’t tire, I think he takes this one. Much improved over the years and past few fights. He uses his w…

2021-09-04 22:03:29

Robert Whittaker


Let's go @darrentill2 #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 22:04:40

Chael Sonnen


That’s a tap

2021-09-04 22:10:52

Duško Todorović


I got Brunson round 1 #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 22:10:54

Aljamain Sterling


Jiu jitsu saves lives man. #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 22:11:35

Max Holloway


RT @2slckofficial: We are live !!!!

2021-09-04 22:13:25

Tatiana Suarez


That wasn’t wise. He should have ditched the knee and resorted to takedown defense first. Beautiful shot from Brunson! #UFCVegas36

2021-09-04 22:16:03