Curtis Blaydes



Tom Aspinall


How da fck a jiu jitsu guy become a kickboxer off one fight !?

2022-07-23 21:36:24

Perdon my French 😂😂😂😂

2022-07-23 21:36:48

Alright just need blaydes to save this one for America #UFCLondon

2022-07-23 21:40:42

It's not Hermansson's fault Curtis couldn't close the range and do any damage. Why would he stand in the pocket wit…

2022-07-23 21:42:40

It‘ Tiiiiime for the MAIN EVENT !!! #UFCLondon

2022-07-23 21:43:52

Umm idk maybe kick that mfa back come on everybody not going to box!!!

2022-07-23 21:44:04

Couldn’t of said it better myself!!

2022-07-23 21:44:13

The only difference between a boring fight and a strategic fight, is the apology.

2022-07-23 21:44:21


2022-07-23 21:44:59

LFG Main Event gotta rock with the other guy from the Chi @RazorBlaydes265 Show him that Windy City power!!!#UFCLondon #mainevent

2022-07-23 21:46:49

A victorious professional is going to concede to a drunken spectator? The spectator expects the professional to als…

2022-07-23 21:48:10

Let’s go Tom Aspinall! Go smash him @ufc #UFCLondon

2022-07-23 21:49:03

I just hope the HERO @theufcbaddy don’t go into a coma from eating everything on his celebration tonight. Please…

2022-07-23 21:51:13

RT @bet365: It's time for your main event. @danhardymma believes Curtis Blaydes will give Tom Aspinall his toughest fight to date. #UFCL…

2022-07-23 21:51:56

RT @CrooklynMMA: I love the Mortal Kombat theme but @criscyborg will always hold a special place in my heart for when she walked out to one…

2022-07-23 21:55:54

Two main events in a row like this?! WTF?? #UFCLondon

2022-07-23 21:57:23


2022-07-23 21:57:43

zikei mano Liguei pra ver a luta principal e rolou isso Só desejo uma rápida recuperação pro Aspinall #UFCnoCombate

2022-07-23 21:57:53

Got to feel for both Aspinall and Blaydes right now. This was a huge fight for both of them.. 🥺 #UFCLondon

2022-07-23 21:58:20

That’s unfortunate best wishes for Tom smh!!!#UFCLondon

2022-07-23 21:58:32