Makhachev Islam



Alex Volkanovski


Here we go main event this should be epic! #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:01:02

I’m taking Islam but I can’t count out a guy like Volk. He’s a winner and has a high level fight IQ. He’s expected…

2023-02-12 05:01:50

My man! Thanks for the support! 🙏🏾

2023-02-12 05:03:42

I’m all reality it feels good to have fought and shared the octagon with both co main event and main event, it’s a…

2023-02-12 05:04:09

This fight is what the sport of MMA is all about: The best fighting the best. Respect to @MAKHACHEVMMA & @alexvolkanovski LFG 🔥🔥🔥#UFC284

2023-02-12 05:04:18

#TeamVolk #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:04:19

I love that Volk walks out to this song. #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:05:24

Sick walkout !! #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:06:40

What have we done to deserve such a mega fight??? Thank you MMA! #IslamVSVolk #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:06:41

This crowd sounds absolutely ELECTRIC!!!! Amazing. #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:06:49

Love the support. TAFAGANG baby

Love the support. TAFAGANG baby
2023-02-12 05:07:19

What a atmosphere…#UFC284

2023-02-12 05:07:40

Wheres khabib???

2023-02-12 05:09:22

Islam against a whole country 😳

2023-02-12 05:09:24


2023-02-12 05:10:18

Here we go. P4P kings #UFC284

2023-02-12 05:11:07

Cocaine bear. Simply amazing.

2023-02-12 05:12:01

Excited for this one !!! P4p!!

2023-02-12 05:13:51

I am really interested to see how strong volk is compared to Islam… he says he’s strong and I’ve seen it but not wi…

2023-02-12 05:14:16

Im exited let’s go!! @ufc

2023-02-12 05:15:20