glover teixeira



Jamahal Hill


@JamahalH let’s goooooooooo #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:25:48


2023-01-22 05:27:13

[email protected]_Deiveson will be a savage at 135. Congrats on an amazing run at 125. The God of War will be back 🇧🇷 #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:32:01

@gloverteixeira might be my second favorite fighter behind Moreno. A true legend in the #ufc #ufc283

2023-01-22 05:32:48

I’m thinking texeira via sub or hill via KO are the 2 most likely scenarios…how y’all feeling about it? #ufc283

2023-01-22 05:35:11


2023-01-22 05:36:00

Wow didn’t realize Hill was that tall 😳😳 #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:37:15

Looks like a lot of empty seats for the main event

2023-01-22 05:37:17

Respect to both these studs but I’m feeling like it’s Sweet Dreams tonight! #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:39:47

1-0 Hill #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:42:39

1-0 Hill. He’s showing poise to be a youngster in a title fight against a vet in opponent territory. Glover is expe…

2023-01-22 05:43:57

RT @UFCEspanol: Hay fiesta brasileña en Río de Janeiro 🇧🇷 #UFC283

RT @UFCEspanol: Hay fiesta brasileña en Río de Janeiro 🇧🇷 #UFC283
2023-01-22 05:44:06

Touch em up U - striking 101 …. Touch even up. #ufc283

2023-01-22 05:44:12

RT @UFCBrasil: TEMOS UM NOCAUTE! Vitória de Ismael Bonfim no #UFC283!! E você assiste TUDO no @UFCFightPassBR ➡️

2023-01-22 05:45:35

All I’m saying is the LHW title better not be vacant after this fight ! 😂 #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:46:03

RT @UFCBrasil: FOI RÁPIDO! Vitória de Gabriel Bonfim por finalização no #UFC283!! Assista no @UFCFightPassBR ➡️

2023-01-22 05:46:10

RT @UFCBrasil: Obrigado por tudo, Mauricio Shogun! #UFC283

2023-01-22 05:46:40

Yo we got ourselves a fight ladies and gentlemen #ufc283

2023-01-22 05:46:44

RT @UFCBrasil: O mais novo integrante do Hall da Fama do UFC! Obrigado, @JoseAldoJunior

2023-01-22 05:46:55

RT @UFCBrasil: Que sequência de Jessica Andrade! O #UFC283 está ao vivo no @UFCFightPassBR ➡️

2023-01-22 05:47:05