Israel Adesanya



Robert Whittaker


let’s go stylebender man’s always supported me! rooting for you champ 🤝

2022-02-13 05:19:43

I love me some Whittaker. Absolutely love the dude. But I feel like Izzy is unstoppable. In another season, Whittak…

2022-02-13 05:21:14

So exciting #UFC271 Kickboxing VS Karate

2022-02-13 05:22:05

Here we go!!! #UFC271

2022-02-13 05:22:17

My heart with Robert but my mind with Adesanya

2022-02-13 05:23:11

The two best at middleweight by far and we get to enjoy the contest. #UFC271

2022-02-13 05:24:10


2022-02-13 05:25:21

Man give me any of these guys. Any. Any time.

2022-02-13 05:25:39

RT @TimKennedyMMA: It’s never been about your health. It’s never been about your safety. It’s never been about mandates. It’s never been…

2022-02-13 05:25:43

Whittaker is fighting scared#

2022-02-13 05:25:59

Adesanya is attacking lead leg of Whittaker to take away all The power and forward boxing pressure. Whittaker can n…

2022-02-13 05:33:23

Eyes are locked on the screen for this main event! 👀 should be a blood bath #UFC271

2022-02-13 05:36:47

For as dominant as Izzy is...he isn’t overly offensive. #ufc271

2022-02-13 05:36:48

The leg is nearly done #ufc271

2022-02-13 05:39:33

Losses Joe Rogan didn’t text me before about that judge

2022-02-13 05:39:36

3-0 stylebender

2022-02-13 05:40:03


2022-02-13 05:42:18

😮‍💨 that was close #UFC271

2022-02-13 05:43:00

Let’s go @stylebender champ and still #UFC271 #TwitterGIFs

Let’s go @stylebender champ and still #UFC271 #TwitterGIFs
2022-02-13 05:44:02

Izzy’s not even breathing

2022-02-13 05:46:27