Derrick Lewis



Tai BAM BAM Tuivasa


Goodness. I love this sport. Congrats to JC. Brunson is my dude. Still in the hunt. #UFC271

2022-02-13 04:35:04

dc about to pop a button on that suit 😂

2022-02-13 04:35:55

Wow. Killa gorilla #ufc271

2022-02-13 04:36:09

@killagorillamma 👏 #ufc271

2022-02-13 04:36:15

Didn’t expect that tbh! #UFC271

2022-02-13 04:36:20

RT @ufc: 43 and still going strong 💪 [ @AndreiArlovski | #UFC271 ]

RT @ufc: 43 and still going strong 💪

[ @AndreiArlovski | #UFC271 ]
2022-02-13 04:36:31

😬😬😬 #UFC271

2022-02-13 04:36:34

Guys, I’m horny

2022-02-13 04:37:19

Big win for JC. Takes out a gritty Brunson who has improved a lot of the years. He’s had a great run to get into ti…

2022-02-13 04:37:35

Letsss goooo! I’m pumped for cannonier

2022-02-13 04:38:07

I’m the number 1 highest paid Forbes athlete this year. I horn

2022-02-13 04:39:04

RT @MMAFighting: Even though @DustinPoirier wants to "whip his ass," Nate Diaz "will always have a special place in combat sports" for Poir…

2022-02-13 04:39:06

Hope Brunson is ok 🙏. Great fight.

2022-02-13 04:40:08

Let's the bombs and shoes fly!!!#UFC271 #CoMain 🔥🔥🔥

2022-02-13 04:40:41

Soul brother Jared! @killagorillamma

2022-02-13 04:42:22

Good finish by Cannonier, but I was more impressed with Bronsons corner throwing in the towel when they saw their f…

2022-02-13 04:43:45

This co-main event freaks me out!!!! Someone is going to sleep! 😬😬😬 @ufc #ufc271

2022-02-13 04:43:47

I like both these guys but I have already been to Houston, so I’m gonna have to put my money on Tuivasa. 😂. Good fight men 🥊#ufc

2022-02-13 04:43:48

RT @bigwoodmma: Congrats @Roxyfighter on amazing career! I’m so thankful to have been on this awesome/crazy journey with you and I truly be…

2022-02-13 04:44:30

How crazy is it that we do this Twitter thing and upwards of 90% of the people on here are bots and trolls. Fake pe…

2022-02-13 04:44:35