Brandon Moreno





It's time for title fights. Who do you have guys? I will go with Moreno and Gane. #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:29:46

RT @jarchmma: Just so everyone knows it was @HenryCejudo that left @theassassinbaby behind he decided to choose Pantoja and others and @Joe…

2022-01-23 04:31:48

It looks like Moreno flipped the switch tonight #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:37:30

@theassassinbaby !!!!!!!

2022-01-23 04:39:06

LETS GO BRANDON!!! #UFC270! #AndStill!

2022-01-23 04:39:36

RT @bbharrymac: That’s a victorious smile. Congratulations @FrevolaMatthew you absolute fucking DOG

RT @bbharrymac: That’s a victorious smile. Congratulations @FrevolaMatthew you absolute fucking DOG
2022-01-23 04:41:59

Moreno settling in....now he starts landing #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:46:30

10-9 Figgy 🇧🇷 #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:46:59

Moreno willing to take the shots to normalize himself into the fight. Now I think he starts landing. #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:47:39

Low leg kicks of Figueirdo landing....let see how Moreno ressponds. #ufc270

2022-01-23 04:48:51

Moreno landing the solid shots, he’s just more calculated.....figgy more aggressive though. #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:51:28

I think it’s 1 Round a piece! Let’s go Brandon!! You got this bro!! #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:51:51

RT @kaikarafrance: Brandon looking sharp! 🔥 #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:52:01

Solid and basic 1-2-3 by Moreno is landing... #ufc270

2022-01-23 04:52:22

Moreno goes away for the basics and gets taken down. Just stay basic. #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:53:21

If Moreno stays basic we see a ko via left hook by Moreno. #ufc270

2022-01-23 04:53:55

This is what we like to see. Fast pace and basic strikes from the two best at 125 #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:55:24

Figgy more aggressive but Moreno just pure effective basics...great fight! #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:57:40

Bigger shots by figgy but Moreno still staying in it with the effective basics #UFC270

2022-01-23 04:58:32

RT @UFCBrasil: WOOOOOOOOW!!!! EXCELENTE GOLPE DE @Daico_Deiveson!!!! #UFC270 [ Ao Vivo no @CanalCombate |

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