Francis Ngannou



Ciryl Gane


🇧🇷 got a few champions in ufc

2022-01-23 05:15:37

Congrats to Figgy in a very close fight. Wasn’t sure which way that was going to go. Gotta do it again! #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:16:40

Figueiredo-Askarov Let’s go

2022-01-23 05:19:27

Parabens pela retomada da cinta @Daico_Deiveson! Congrats Figueiredo. Daico got his belt back! #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:22:06

🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲 TIME! #ANDSTILL LETS GO @francis_ngannou

🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲 TIME! #ANDSTILL LETS GO @francis_ngannou
2022-01-23 05:22:10

What an amazing fight!!! I’m so down for a 4th! #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:23:20

this for all the marbles

2022-01-23 05:24:08

Now time for the big dawgs. I’m taking Gane…what he does with his movement and striking at heavyweight is unreal! N…

2022-01-23 05:26:06

I don’t think there was a clear winner in that Figgy-Moreno fight, man. Amazing scrap and display of skills from bo…

2022-01-23 05:26:26

Nobody gonna second guess the champs music choices

2022-01-23 05:29:33

RT @tevenwee: @funkmasterMMA Felt more like a draw, wish they could’ve just kept fighting😅 these guys are so closely matched, definitely ne…

2022-01-23 05:30:25

Ngannou walking towards you is like knowing the Terminator is coming for you and getting through the night is hopeless #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:38:36

Now it’s @ciryl_gane ‘s gane R2 #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:42:23

Hmm 1-1 #ufc270

2022-01-23 05:46:36

YOOOO!!! HUGE takedown! #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:48:43

If playing with fire was a picture, it would be Gane moving around with his hands down , all of round 2 #UFC270

2022-01-23 05:50:31

Join me live on YouTube right after the fight…

Join me live on YouTube right after the fight…
2022-01-23 05:50:51

Judo throw to his face

2022-01-23 05:50:54

If this is the Apex of heavyweight fighting, I’m excited about it. Got some more records to break

2022-01-23 05:51:08

Damn I thought Francis was gonna jump the guillotine

2022-01-23 05:51:39