Charles 'DoBronxs' Oliveira



The Diamond


RT @DaDesigns86: @POSTERBOYJM called it!

2021-12-12 05:10:07

RT @TomTayMMA: As far as I can tell the only people on earth who picked Pena to win that fight are @JesseHollandMMA and @POSTERBOYJM.

2021-12-12 05:10:16

Imagine having a 8-15 legs parlay and losing a lock like Nunes / Peña , lol . I’d be sick 😂😂😂

2021-12-12 05:10:22

Oh snap we still have one more!! Poirier vs Oliveira! Who y’all taking? #UFC269

2021-12-12 05:10:49

I’m taking the 💎

2021-12-12 05:11:15

Great Fight @VenezuelanVixen # Jab🥇Central 🥊💨🍃 Well Earned -CSO- 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽

2021-12-12 05:11:51


2021-12-12 05:11:58

2021-12-12 05:14:07

#next #ufc269 #cantwait

2021-12-12 05:14:21

Very interesting fight 🔥 I’m with @DustinPoirier 💎

2021-12-12 05:14:21

6am in Vienna...... Let's go @DustinPoirier @ufc #ufc269

2021-12-12 05:14:26


2021-12-12 05:14:52

Nunes didn’t use her power correctly. Got to emotional, taped due to exhaustion.(no legs in choke) Peña was right W…

2021-12-12 05:14:56

Main Event #UFC269 @DustinPoirier @CharlesDoBronxs And Here... We.. Go. @ufc

Main Event #UFC269 @DustinPoirier @CharlesDoBronxs And Here... We.. Go. @ufc
2021-12-12 05:17:19

I remember riding bus back 2my hotel after winning TUF! A girl ran up 2me,congratulated me and said 1 day im going…

2021-12-12 05:17:27

That’s what happens when you weather the storm…

2021-12-12 05:19:58

Champ looks tuned in

2021-12-12 05:21:35

He’s doing whatever he wants before the fight starts

2021-12-12 05:23:37

The longer this goes favors Dustin Poirier, but Charles Oliveira is one of the most technical fighters in UFC. This…

2021-12-12 05:24:38

I know you Jon Jones haters are so pissed off right now, you can’t deny me and you hate it

2021-12-12 05:25:22