Charles 'DoBronxs' Oliveira



Michael Chandler


Sucesso a @CharlesdoBronx hoje à noite. Um cara humilde e batalhador que se esforçou bastante pra evoluir como luta…

2021-05-16 04:21:37

Best of luck to @CharlesdoBronx tonight. A humble and hard working guy that put on a lot of effort to evolve as a f…

2021-05-16 04:21:54

That’s a freaking wild stat!

2021-05-16 04:24:28

Let’s go @MikeChandlerMMA

2021-05-16 04:25:53

Buckle up folks!! “I’m here for a good time, not for a long time!” - Michael Chandler #UFC262

2021-05-16 04:28:03

I got DoBronx

2021-05-16 04:33:39


2021-05-16 04:34:01

The jiu-Jitsu guy did the wrestling and the wrestler did jiu Jitsu 😳😳 @UFC

2021-05-16 04:36:48

Spider-monkey Do Bronx shit right here! Chandler has to be smart with his GnP here and watch those up kicks! #UFC262

2021-05-16 04:37:35

What a round.

2021-05-16 04:39:52

Holy fuck

2021-05-16 04:41:30

Oliviera is the champ !

2021-05-16 04:41:55

What in the world!! That was crazy #UFC262

2021-05-16 04:42:14

UNREAL!!! So good you gotta get blood on Dana’s beautiful bald head! What a turn around on what looked like the end for Oliveira! #UFC262

2021-05-16 04:42:21

How awesome is this. Congrats to Charles Oliviera. What a fight, what a performance. What a champ!

2021-05-16 04:42:49

WOW!!! HUGE congrats to @CharlesDoBronxs !!! Amazing performance and way to fight through real adversity! Amazing! #UFC262

2021-05-16 04:43:19

Holy Shittt!!! What an insane comeback!! Charles Oliveira is a savage 😲😲 #UFC262

2021-05-16 04:43:26

fake champion nobody cares 😂

2021-05-16 04:44:32

Gotta love this sport! Fucking love me some ufc!

2021-05-16 04:44:35

me at the club in mexico

2021-05-16 04:44:43