Chris Weidman


Omg my heart hurts 💔 #UFC261

2021-04-25 02:50:45

Speed recovery @chrisweidman that was hard to watch #UFC261

2021-04-25 02:50:49

This is horrible 😢 Unfortunate for Chris I hope he recover fast. #ufc261

2021-04-25 02:51:16

RT @MMAjunkie: #UFC261 results: @UriahHallMMA def. Chris Weidman via TKO (broken leg) – Round 1, 0:17 Full play-by-play:

2021-04-25 02:51:25

The man that broke Anderson Silva’s leg by checking a kick just broke his own leg by throwing a kick and getting it…

2021-04-25 02:51:25

Absolute nightmare. Sucks 😢#UFC261

2021-04-25 02:52:31

Fair play. Well said by @UriahHallMMA

2021-04-25 02:53:08

Damn hope @chrisweidman is ok, Heart goes out to him and his family.

2021-04-25 02:53:28

Prayers @chrisweidman 🙏🏼

2021-04-25 02:53:43

Anderson Silva fault @ufc

2021-04-25 02:54:53

Respect @UriahHallMMA Prayers to Weidman family🙏🏽😞

2021-04-25 02:55:31

Prayers for @chrisweidman and his family! Crazy sport we are in! So much respect to all the fighters, coaches and e…

2021-04-25 02:56:14

These last two fights are the reason why I don’t pay much attention to the fights in the locker room when I’m warmi…

2021-04-25 02:58:41

Man I love that the fans are back in the arena!!! So great, let’s get back to normal.

2021-04-25 03:00:16

So strange there have only been 3 snapped legs in UFC history and Weidman has been a part of 2 🤯

2021-04-25 03:03:24

Just posted a photo

2021-04-25 03:04:05

Valentina vs Lineker #UFC261

2021-04-25 03:04:33

Glad I ain’t fightin tonight

2021-04-25 03:05:36

You’re laughing because someone broke their leg in competition? Man some of you ppl are the lowest of scum on the b…

2021-04-25 03:06:48

Why? She fights like John Lineker. Nasty body shots. Not sure why that’s weird to say.

2021-04-25 03:07:35