Jorge Masvidal UFC


Awesome night #UFC261

2021-04-25 04:26:34

Congratulations to the champion @USMAN84kg with no doubt one of if not the best pound for pound fighter in the world! Good job! 👏🏾👏🏾 #ufc261

2021-04-25 04:28:03

RT @MattPeL: Wishing All the best and a smooth recovery to @chrisweidman 🙏🏽

2021-04-25 04:28:51

Deixa eu dar uma olhada 👀 #BBB21 #redeBBB 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2021-04-25 04:29:03

#UFC261 from start to finish was an amazing roller coaster ride of epic fights 👊🏾Congratulations to all 3 champions

2021-04-25 04:29:13

Me blocking tool bags on Twitter 😂

2021-04-25 04:31:24

@tatianaufc Same same 😂

2021-04-25 04:33:14

Marty looked like trash, but it’s not like you have to be any good to beat @GamebredFighter. What’s that now 20 los…

2021-04-25 04:33:44

@criscyborg 😂

2021-04-25 04:34:49

What a performance, what a fight #UFC261

2021-04-25 04:35:06

At least my most important pick was right 😆 great card tonight. What a memorable card !! #prayforchrisweidman #UFC261

2021-04-25 04:35:07

RT @SinCity_Sarah: DC: “It’s past your bedtime boy, and stop wearing your sisters clothes” #UFC261

2021-04-25 04:36:52

@USMAN84kg #UFC261

2021-04-25 04:39:10

Everyone gets an extra #50k tonight 🙌🏽

2021-04-25 04:40:58

He’s a big Minecraft fan obviously

2021-04-25 04:45:44

Sensational from all 3 champs tonight. @USMAN84kg @rosenamajunas @BulletValentina

2021-04-25 04:46:46

I put others before myself. I will not say things sometimes because I don’t want to affect someone else. When I tol…

2021-04-25 04:47:59

Great night of fights but hard not to feel empty with Weidman’s fight ending like that.

2021-04-25 04:52:41