Stipe Miocic



Francis Ngannou


Gotta go with @francis_ngannou tonight, but I know for a fact it’s about to be legendary #teamsupersoldier @ufc

2021-03-28 03:44:26

I respect this all day @TWooodley #ufc260

2021-03-28 03:45:22


2021-03-28 03:46:04

Omfg!!!! What a fight!!! We loved that !!! #ufc260

2021-03-28 03:46:43

That was crazy af!!!!!! Wow!!!!! #ufc260

2021-03-28 03:47:36

Damn! Now, that was awesome. If Woodley stayed a bit more calm it may have gone another way. He got too excited and…

2021-03-28 03:47:52

Damn still mad love to Woodley. #UFC260

2021-03-28 03:49:19

Wow what a fight!! Great job @VicenteLuqueMMA what a performance ! Respect to @TWooodley for a great fight #ufc260

2021-03-28 03:51:08

Congrats @VicenteLuqueMMA #UFC260

2021-03-28 03:51:22

Damn lol when I root for someone it is like bad luck.

2021-03-28 03:52:04

RT @GCWrestling_: *SCHEDULE CHANGE* The start times for the following shows have been adjusted to allow additional time for reset: New St…

2021-03-28 03:54:10

Francis or Stipe? #ufc260

2021-03-28 03:54:11

Bruh would love to see Nick Diaz back. #OG

2021-03-28 03:54:43

I’m legit scared to watch this fight. #UFC260

2021-03-28 03:59:43

Main event!!! Let’s go!! @francis_ngannou !!!!! #andnew !!!!! #UFC260

2021-03-28 04:00:15


2021-03-28 04:00:30

When I got the call to fight Logan Paul’s little brother I had to go into Rocky Style training!

2021-03-28 04:00:59

The Real Main Event of the weekend @GodzillavsKong ❤️ Amazing movie and a great time with friends and family!! Don’…

2021-03-28 04:01:07

Biggest Baddest Rematch....here we go!! #UFC260

2021-03-28 04:01:15

Godzilla vs King Kong

2021-03-28 04:01:46