Jake Paul



Tyron T-Wood Woodley


Lmfaooo old school wins! 🙌🏾 These guys are crazy

2021-12-19 04:52:33

RT @thisdiegolopez: You know @bisping loved Derrick Lewis’s dig at Vitor saying the first clean fighter with this many knockouts

2021-12-19 04:52:35

I’m jumping back on twitch! Tune in to talk Paul vs Woodley II! • #PaulWoodley2

2021-12-19 04:53:56

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2! Lets Get it!

2021-12-19 04:55:30

RT @aaronbronsteter: Announced on the broadcast, UFC Fight Pass will be the broadcast home of Showtime Fighting Championship, a promotion r…

2021-12-19 04:58:10

I see Blonde Brunson putting hands on @jakepaul in the future . Whether it’s MMA or Boxing ! #PaulWoodley2

2021-12-19 05:01:00

I liked Purge Paul better , YMCA walk out … I don’t know about that 1 #PaulWoodley2

2021-12-19 05:04:45


2021-12-19 05:07:04

Jump in the chat!

2021-12-19 05:08:31

Lmfaooo SCOOPED!!! #PaulWoodleyII #WoodleyPaul

2021-12-19 05:23:04

O my god!!!!!!

2021-12-19 05:31:19


2021-12-19 05:32:07


2021-12-19 05:34:10

Prayers 🙏🏽 @TWooodley you’re a legend in the sport of MMA and I pray you’re safe

2021-12-19 05:42:51

Imagine what type of numbers a PPV between @jakepaul and @NateDiaz209 would do

2021-12-19 05:44:36

Back to rapping Twood go. Dang man. 👿

2021-12-19 05:46:07

Paul needs to fight an MMA guy his size if he wants to keep doing this cross-over thing. Or go fight a real boxer! 🗣

2021-12-19 05:47:34

he’s fine @jakepaul

2021-12-19 05:51:41

Final thought of the night…congrats @Serranosisters it’s amazing to see women’s boxing given the spotlight. Who wou…

2021-12-19 05:56:43

I really hate this take, as if Paul is some fat, un-athletic slob, that he just fought in a bar. Jake Paul is an at…

2021-12-19 06:05:26