Floyd Mayweather



Logan Paul


RT @KingJosiah54: When Logan Paul see Mayweather in the ring

2021-06-07 02:53:03


2021-06-07 02:53:22

Anybody ever seen the ref of the #MayweatherPaul fight before?! I HAVEN'T! I'm calling it right now(hope I'm wrong)…

2021-06-07 02:53:23

RT @GoldenKnights: HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐼🐼🐼 @RobinLehner 🐼🐼🐼

2021-06-07 02:53:41

RT @MMAFighting: Heeeeeeeeere’s Logan Paul #MayweatherPaul (🎥 @ShowtimeBoxing)

2021-06-07 02:54:42

RT @GoldenKnights: PLAYOFF PATRICK BROWN!!!!!!!

2021-06-07 03:02:04

Round 3 High cover and walk him down , Floyd will pick up the volume here

2021-06-07 03:10:11

Logan Paul is fatigued!!!!!

2021-06-07 03:12:25

I’m confused. I thought Logan said MMA was more difficult. Why so much clinch initiation #MayweatherPaul #FloydvsLogan

2021-06-07 03:13:30

Double shell walk-down shake-down, by Mayweather. #FloydvsLogan #MayweatherPaul

2021-06-07 03:15:54

Im feeling like it’s over here in 6

2021-06-07 03:22:04

If Floyd lets him get to the stool he will quit on the stool. He definitely wants to quit at this moment. the body shot hurt him bad

2021-06-07 03:22:54

floyd just showed boxing isn’t the superior martial art.

2021-06-07 03:25:21

LOGAN PAUL 4 rounds to 2 Going into 7th

2021-06-07 03:25:34

in a real fight if i don’t finish @LoganPaul in under a minute i’ll retire and kill myself.

2021-06-07 03:28:09

Someone needs to ko one of these brothers #MayweatherPaul

2021-06-07 03:31:36

Mayweather happy to win on points

2021-06-07 03:32:21

@LoganPaul you are a straight bitch i’ve always wanted to see a big giant white pussy 🤣

2021-06-07 03:33:16


2021-06-07 03:34:05

It's crazy to think that Logan Paul (0-1) just made $20M on a boxing exhibition. WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG? 🤔

2021-06-07 03:34:51